One of my favorite perks, working at Ribbokkloof is the people you meet. Often the wind blows people through the office door that becomes dearest friends…

Throughout the existence of Ribbokkloof, there’s a few events that I remember clearer than the rest and when I realized that a common factor in a lot of these events are Julian and Michelle Mathews, I knew it would be good to hear from them! They visited Ribbokkloof throughout the years, through different phases.

I asked them a couple of questions about their experience at Ribbokkloof

Tell us a little bit of yourselves?

We stay in Johannesburg, Gauteng. Julian works for a mining house so he gets to travel quite a bit. I do weddings which I am really passionate about! For fun Julian likes to fish. I like to pamper myself. We both love mountain biking and CrossFit (a good way to de-stress as we live in a very busy town & have demanding jobs)

When did you first visit Ribbokkloof?

We first visited Ribbokloof in 2009. The place where we would usually go to get some down time was fully booked and we were referred to Ribbokloof. Needless to say we never looked back and have made that our place ever since!

Which chalet is your favorite chalet?

Our favorite chalet is without a doubt Tolbos. It is very quaint and the fireplace just adds a perfect touch of romance the perfect getaway for couples wanting some quality time. It also has a gorgeous view!

What time of year is your favorite to visit Ribbokkloof?

Our favorite time to visit Ribbokloof is anytime! When we feel we want some relaxation and quiet or to just get away from the hustle and bustle of life. The best part is it’s only a 2 1/2 hour drive from where we live which is the perfect distance. It’s affordable and we know that we will be well taken care of

What activity do you enjoy the most?

Taking long walks to the dam, fishing, having an early evening braai while we watch the beautiful sunset and mountain biking are our favorite things to do at Ribbokloof.

Any special/memorable/funny/strange event that happened while at Ribbokkloof??

A funny memory would be when Julian and I were there for a long weekend, we had just gotten out of bed and were enjoying a hot cup of coffee, watching the sunrise when we heard a weird noise… We looked around but couldn’t see anything out of place. The next thing, here is one of the Jack Russells chasing down a buck, the poor little thing was screaming with panic, I would imagine his life flashed before his eyes too… and there Julian goes… up the mountain (barefoot and in his PJ’s) to the bucks rescue! It was hilarious to say the least. Luckily the story ended well ❤

We have so many special memories of Ribbokloof, not only as a couple but with family and friends too. Each and every time we visit we are treated like family. We have enjoyed incredible meals, braai’s and celebrations there. Our personal favourites would be a biltong/pasta pojtie, homemade milk tart and sweet caramelized farm bread, paired with a chilled glass of Oros to finish it off on those hot days

Come rain or shine Ribbokloof is a must!!

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