It can be a pretty good life on a farm – especially when you’re just visiting

Feel like a little adrenalin rush? Go for it. Or is your idea of relaxing more to sit back with a glass of wine and soak up the views? Well, you are on a breakaway, after all. And Ribbokkloof caters for the adrenalin seekers and the; oh, so relax city sleeker. Come and experience the country atmosphere, the fresh air and sounds of nature.


With 3 km Riverbed obstacle course and a 27km scenic route through Highveld vegetation.

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Day Visitors

Nearby and would like to enjoy our facilities, but not stay over? Come relax with us in the heart of Mother Nature.

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Our hiking trails are there to bring you closer to nature, with the trail next to mountain streams and rapids with various fauna and flora.

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Quad Biking

Choose mountain bike trail, 4×4 trail, or just bash your way around the 1100ha of off road, farm road, and single tracks.

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