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A real traditional sticky syrup delight! The name comes from the hissing sound it makes when the dough is dropped into the boiling oil. They freeze well so you can buy in bulk and enjoyed all year round!! Cocktail sizes can be made for special occasion.


Melktert/ Milk Tart

The Oven is very proud to have 2 varieties we specialise in:

  • Traditional Milk Tart in a tart form
  • Mini bite size ones

We have our own secret milk tart recipe, that has a unique heavenly taste.


Vrugtekoek /Fruit Cake

A very very fruity fruits cake. A true classic of the ages, talking about ages, a fruit cake is like red wine, it matures over time. So come and have a slice or two at The Oven.


Koekies / Biscuits

We have a wide range of biscuits to choose from, a feast for the eye and a feast for your mouth!

  • Vla Koekies / Custard Buscuits
  • Suurlemoen soentjies / Lemon Kisses
  • Koffie koekies / Coffee Cookies
  • Soet koekies / Sugar Cookies
  • Jan Smuts cookies / Jan Smuts cookies
  • Gemmer koekies / Ginger Snaps
  • Hawermoutkoekies / Oats Biscuits


Baked in homemade pans with special selected ingredients to make your morning or afternoon coffee taste like MORE

  • Gesondheids beskuit / Health Rusks
  • Anys beskuit / Aniseed rusks
  • Karringmelk beskuit (like ouma rusks) / Buttermilk Rusks


Our jams and spreads are made from fruits that are handpicked and carefully selected from our orchards. Our orchards you will find next to each of our farm houses, with many different seasonal fruit and maintained with non-harmful insecticides.

  • Appelkoos / Apricot Jam
  • Perske / Peach Jam
  • Hele Vye / Whole fig Jam
  • Hele Perskes / Whole Peach Jam

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